Nelson Mandela: The Century’s Icon

“I can’t pretend that I’m brave and that I can beat the whole world.” Did Nelson Mandela actually say that? Yes! He did beat the whole world by his courage, patience, humility and concern.

Once again, the world is mourning a great icon, a mentor and the people’s favorite statesman who lived as the recipe for freedom & justice.

He was the first democratically elected president of South Africa. Leaders have bolded that he brought light upon South Africa. Noting also, Nelson was the first black president in South Africa. He ended up winning the Nobel peace prize in 1993: which is one of the greatest award one can ever get.

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His extraordinary compassion and shrewd understanding of his enemies, sustained throughout and beyond his 27 years in detention, leaves us in awe of who he was. His determined pursuit of racial reconciliation was exemplary, making South Africa and the World in general a better place. From this he showed us that nothing will be greater than truth, justice & reconciliation. Mandela was able to get his people to the ballot box. He fought for their right to vote which was never allowed in the first place, they were given rights and the British never thought they deserved them. He ran for president and won: a great achievement. He rescued the world from the brink of Slavery of the selfish: physical and psychological Slavery. He suffered more than what he was supposed to that he said, “sometimes, I feel like one who is on the side lines, who has missed life itself.” A concerned gentleman he was, Mandela’s concern was not only worrying about himself but the better of his people. Most leaders do what they do to better themselves. Some don’t even care about their people or their issues. Nelson Mandela was worried more about his people than himself. Most of the things he did was for his people. Can you be detained a quarter a century for the sake of others? Yes, for Mandela, he spent 27 years behind buzz for championing the rights of his people. His courage and sheer determination landed him in trouble, but he cared less. He came out stronger and more determined to right the wrongs he witnessed, Mandela showed nearly super-human emotional strength, inspiring all those who suffer from adversity even after the very many years of incarceration.

The elderly dots with traditional round huts, bowing their heads and lowering their voices when they speak of the anti-apartheid hero who has “returned to his ancestors”. The world comes to a silence and grief. The heart of a noble’s mind pricked in regards to wisdom, truth and integrity. All in all, the sun will rise then set – Madiba (RIP) contributed his share to the world & now the heavens are happy: what God sent him to do actualized. Now, he is gone. I personally borrow a great deal, I’m challenged. Mandela’s actions propels us to further what he started beyond the scope.

Who will cry when you die? The whole world is crying Nelson, he has made change and forever will remain in people’s hearts.

Rest In Peace, Hon. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (Madiba).Image


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